Vernex Software for Windows 32bit

Vernex-P software compares patients’ levels of comprehension in English and their mother tongue. It is based on standards for comprehension assessment on two levels: lexical and morpho-syntactic.

The test is presented in the form of 50 image boards containing 4 images each and accompanied by a recorded word or phrase. The child is asked to select the correct image. The test is administered in both English and in the mother tongue. Vernex software compares and interprets results then provides recommendations for optimal IQ testing.

As the intent is not to replace psychological tests, the program has not been standardized. Our aim is to ensure that children are tested in the proper conditions for validity as IQ test results are linked to language skills.

This test was developed with great thoroughness. Texts were translated, translations were checked by another translator, after which they were recorded and checked again. We did our utmost to handle variations within a same language as well as different accents. Certain languages, such as Punjabi, present significant variations. In such cases, the most usual and widely understood idiom was used. The same applies to spoken accents. These elements should be kept in mind.

Test administration is very straightforward and can be done by a person that has simply been trained to stay neutral. However, recommendations are more technical and are intended for professionals.

Administration is quick, taking roughly fifteen minutes. Time can vary based on a child’s response time. Testing can be interrupted and resumed at a later time if necessary.